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water sports in goa

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Add More Thrill With Water Sports Activities In Goa

Are you planning for a weekend trip to Goa? The land where you will find the beautiful waves flirting with the gorgeous sand, Goa is a perfect destination to rejuvenate yourself from the regular huff-buff of the office work. The beaches here are sensuous and the infinite stretch of the sea makes Goa one of the best places for water sports. You will find different types of water sports in Goa which adds to the fun and excitement equally.

water sports in goa

Water sports activities in Goa are very famous and you will find a number of tourists having a great time by taking part in it during their trip to this beautiful place. Goa has been gifted with the topographical location as it has coastline stretched 101 km long encompassing astounding beaches highly popular for their water sports packages.

So, let’s dive into the sea of Goa water sports packages and acknowledge a few of the best activities you must not miss:


Talking about one of the most famous activity, Waterskiing is surely at the top of the list. You will number of tourist enjoying their skin out with this amazing sports activity. Here you will be pulled behind a cable ski infused on a body of the water. You will surely enjoy the high-speed surfing with rising and falling with the waves. The thrills and excitement in the respective are endless, it’s a complete value for money. You will surely be in big loss if you miss this water activity in Goa. The best beaches to try the respective sports activity in Goa are Arossim, Candolim, Calangute, Mobor,  and Rajbaga

Scuba-Diving and Snorkeling:

Whenever you are considering water sports activities in Goa, Scuba-Diving and Snorkelling is surely there on the list to amuse the tourists coming from all around the world. Who will not be amazed by the underwater experience and this is the reason why it has been the most preferred sports activities in Goa. You will surely love the serene beauty you will get to experience underwater. The range varies from 2 to 20 meters giving an experience of a lifetime while swimming with the species underwater.

scuba diving goa

Speed Boats:

Everyone likes speed and the beauty of speedboats in Goa will certainly to your experience of speed to another level. The respective water sport in Goa ranks among the best giving the tourists and exception beach ride at a great speed. Traveling at a speed of 30 to 40 miles per the tourists will surely get a thrill of rising and falling waves in an amazing way. So, do not miss this ride at any cost while being on a trip to Goa. It will give you an experience which will be with you for the rest of your life.

water sports goa

So, the water sports in Goa are one of the highlights which as a tourist you must not dare to miss. You will get a wide range of activities which will thoroughly entertain you and help you have a great time. After having done with the above-mentioned sports activities in Goa you can also go for Catamaran Sailing, Windsurfing, Jet-Skiing, and Parasailing.


Scenic beauty combined with sea, sand, and sun makes Goa one of the most refreshing destinations. But Goa water sports packages are also very popular keeping the tourists on their toes and giving them the excitement they are craving for!

Lets Go Goa is one of the best companies to assist you with the most exciting Goa water sports packages which make your trip a lifetime experience.

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